26 March 2014



I know that most of the people — I should say the "few" people — who read LRRP's World are, to put it mildly, not Democrats.

I also know that people who are old enough to know what a LRRP is don't give a rat's ass about health insurance.

That all said ....

I wish there was a way to reach people who actually vote for people like our sitting president (once again, unlike all the SCUMBAG liberals and anti-capitalists, I refuse to use a denigrating word about an American president), because what they voted for is a person who had introduced a law from which, retroactively, he has exempted welllllll more that half the population.

Yes, I'm writing about the ACA ... Obamacare.

Please, please, please.

Send this to people who you never send the usual stuff we all believe in.

Hard core liberals think this author is a shrill and a shrew. They also think that Bill Maher, CNN and MSNBC are unbiased, but  ... PLEASE ... if you know them, just ask them to read the column and respond.

At best they may learn something. At worse they may include you on THEIR mailing list.

If you HATE the concept of all that is Republican, Conservative, right wing, anti-Obama, gun slinging, less-intelligent -than-you (you egotistical asshole), etc. et al, PLEASE click


The title of the article refers to the kinda guy who belittles anyone who doesn't think his way —  and is of  no consequence to any intellectual thought on either side of the line.

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