24 April 2014

KEVIN JOYCE - RIP - 4/24/13

It was a year ago today that our brother Kevin died. It was a rough go at the end ... dementia, etc., but he went relatively peacefully, thanks to my wife and his caregivers.

Kevin lived with me for four-five years until I was able to get him into a group home where he thrived for a bunch of years. Age took it's toll, though, and Kevin died on April 24, 2013.

It was a rough week here. Linda came out of a bad surgery earlier that morning and a little later, I got a call that Kevin had passed away. I wasn't with Linda when she needed me .. but I was with Travis. Linda told me not to come to the hospital, but I managed to fit it in. I probably wasn't the most supportive person! Hard to be mad (welllllll) at a wife like that.  Anyway ...

Thanks, James, for being with mom.

Kev, hope you're with mom and dad ... where you always wanted to be.

Glad you're gone, man.

And I actually kinda miss you. We — you, me and Brian — did have a lot of fun now and again (remember the fights on the front lawn in Hauppauge?)

Below's me and Kevin in better times. It was his 50th (we're 10 years apart; he was a HUGE Elvis fan).

The third pic is our middle brother, Brian, the day we buried Kev.

That day didn't suck. And me and Brian haven't gotten THAT drunk in a loooong time.

Thanks to (bottom pic) brother and sister-in laws John and Maureen, son-in-law Chris, daughter (and Kev's niece) Meg and (my granddaughter, who'll never know Kev) Madeline, for coming.

Meet up with you "Bro."

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