26 October 2014


Monday week (November 3) is opening day of scallop season. We've had a chance to check some things out and there's a possibility this may be a good season.

While we won't actually know until we start dredging, we're offering un-shucked scallops at $75 a bushel (regardless of market). You should get between 5-7 pounds out of our bushels. If you order, and I can fulfill the order, I'll deliver a bushel — locally — as fresh as it gets on Monday, November 3 sometime in the late afternoon/early evening.

If you're after shucked scallop, figure around $18 to $20+ a pound depending on where the market sets the price. Contact Capt. Ed for shucked scallop. He may be able to help you.

I won't be able to provide shucked product because I hit the road on November 4 and won't return for a week, so I ain't spending all night cleaning fucking scallops so you can enjoy the shit out of them.

But half the fun is shucking them yourself! (Yeah, right).

Anyway ... if you want them by the bushel get me here, at my regular e-mail or at gpjoyce-at-gmail - dot-com.

Need Capt. Ed, try baydreamer24-at-aol-dot-com.

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