05 January 2016


Since the current administration feels that more laws un-enforced ( backed by a lot of YOUR $$$$) are better than enforcing laws that already exist, and since the libs, left and rest of the anti-gun movement is so fond of lumping ALL gun owners into one pot, let’s lump all the ruling parties of the cities with the highest murder rates per thousand in the US into one pot.

The object of this is to show how dishonest, deceitful and plain ol’ full of bullshit the anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment crowd — politicians, media and the sorry excuse we have for a President — really are.

Because if everything they postulate about gun ownership is true, then this list can be directly laid at the feet of those in charge and — by the same bizarre logic — must also be true.

Of course — as we all know — suspending the rights granted under the Second Amendment will certainly stop bad guys from obtaining guns. 

Faulty logic is one thing … evidencing no sense of discernment or discrimination of what is true is called stupidity.

And remember this — no one is rooting for more restrictive gun laws than today’s criminals, crazies and islamic terrorists.

It’ll make everything soooooo much SAFER for them. As for the rest of you? Lotsa' luck.

Rankings by murder rate/thousand (1000) people (2014)
Rank               City                 Mayor’s Party

30       Baton Rouge, LA        Dem
29       Youngstown, OH        Dem
28       San Bernardino, CA   Rep
27       Oakland, CA               Dem
26       Barberton, OH            Dem
25       Poughkeepsie, NY      Rep
24       Cincinnati, OH            Dem   
23       Petersburg, VA            Dem
22       Wilmington, DE          Dem
21       York, PA                      Dem
20       East Palo Alto, CA      Dem
19       Jackson, MS                Dem
18       Wilkes-Barre, PA        Dem
17       Birmingham, AL         Dem
16       East Point, GA             Dem
15       East Chicago, IN         Dem
14       Compton, CA              Dem
13       Baltimore, MD            Dem
12       St. Louis, MO              Dem
11       Harvey, IL                   Dem
10       Newark, NJ                 Dem
9          New Orleans, LA       Dem
8          Trenton, NJ                Dem
7          Detroit, MI                 Dem
6          Flint, MI                     Dem
5          Saginaw, MI               Dem
4          Chester, PA                 Dem
3          Gary, IN                      Dem
2          Camden, NJ                Dem
1          East St. Louis, IL        Dem

Ergo: 93.33% of the time …
Guns Don’t Kill People — Democrats Do!

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