10 November 2016


A relative of mine, for whom I have a fair amount of respect, was a vehement anti-Trump/Clinton supporter (given her intelligence,I think the former was more indicative of her position than the latter) ... she recently posted something on a social media site enumerating her reasons and fears of a Trump presidency. 

Without naming her, or directly answering her post, I thought I'd answer some of her concerns. 

So, here we go ... 

Donald Trump has fostered hatred, etc., ya-da, ya-da.

Versus the platform of understanding the Democrats offered we “deplorables?” We’ve been characterized as racist, gun-toting, religious, nut cases. But that’s OK, because a Democrat said it? If that didn’t foster the atmosphere of insult politics and divisiveness that Trump added to and addressed, then I don’t know what did.

Trump has insulted women, minorities and the disabled.

Insulted women?!? Are we comparing Trump to the maxi-enabler candidate who is STILL married to William Jefferson Clinton? Enough said, about being disparaging to women! Oh … and Trump’s campaign is the FIRST successful presidential campaign RUN by a woman. But let’s not let that get in the way.

Minorities? If you work for a living regardless of color or race, I would assume you were smart enough to not vote for a candidate who represents a party whose main focus and intent is to keep minorities and races where they are; i.e., in the ghetto and dependent on the government. That is the Democrat way, isn’t it? 

Disabled? You mean Serge Kovaleski who was used as prima facie evidence (via the WaPo and the Grey Lady) to support the Dem’s accusation that nowhere, never, no how was any report ever made about muslims dancing on the rooftops in New Jersey on 9/11? Only to find out that Serge Kovaleski actually wrote that they did, but kinda’ forgot that little point. Oh, President-elect Trump shook his hands while he noted that. Excuuuuuuuse me.

We’ll lose our pensions because of Trump (I really don’t get this one, but ….).

As for pensions, etc., et al … I don’t know about where you live, but I do know that pensions over the past eight years have gone the way of the dodo every where else. Insofar as your concerns of unions .... ummmm, that sound you hear is that of union jobs being sucked out  of the country for the past 22 years. Unions don't do anything anymore except collect dues. Sorry. (That's puerile on my part.... some unions are definitely needed, but let's not worry about what unions represent when all the jobs are in China, India and Mexico and have been for the past 22 years... at least. Heard of NAFTA and other unequal trade agreements? So has President-elect Trump. He doesn't consider them equal opportunity deals).

Donald Trump isn’t qualified to be president.

Qualifications? The last president Democrats elected was a community organizer and had a dismal voting record in his only elected office. And how long did he hold that office to garner all the “qualifications necessary” to be president? Not quite four years. Donald Trump is as big an unknown as Hillary Clinton would have been. The only thing Clinton has over Trump — experience wise — is a litany of failures in foreign policy.

We’re nervous with Trump as president.

Yes, we will have to see what President-elect Trump does … of course it will require the media to report the truth, something they have proved to be woefully incapable of doing so far, so I don’t hold out any high hopes.

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