20 April 2017


I made the mistake of commenting on something on The New York Times site.

Being published by the Grey Lady (the paper's age-old sobriquet) — for a writer — is a big deal. Unfortunately, I'm somewhat jaded in that I published there when I was a rookie writer, so the mystique was kinda' lost on me. Admittedly it looked good on my queries, but  (this is freelance writing bullshit ... bear with me).

Anyway ...

I made the mistake of commenting on an article written by someone who I think I used to debate and lecture with (he was anti-war, I was "pro" war [if there is such a thing]) back in the early 70s. We got along fine back then.

However ....

I mentioned in a "comment" that I knew the author.

Then some arrogant, self righteous elitist made some silly comment about about how proud he was for having been an anti-war protestor.

When I went back to respond, the subject was closed. (You can do that when your the mouthpiece of all that is liberal, glowing and unreal in the world.)

What I wanted to say to that little asshole and all the anti-war protestors of the Viet Nam era is this:

Since you are sooooo proud of what you did, please ALSO be soooo proud of supporting a genocide.

You chose to support those who literally committed genocide on the mountain tribesmen and the South Vietnamese army personnel. Of course, you only have to deal with abstract, not reality. I understand that. BUT ...you ARE responsible for a Nazi-like genocide. That's a fact.

I went back in 1994. I saw what YOU and your actions did.

Please sleep with that when you're feeling righteous.

Gary P. Joyce
RVN: 8/68-1/71

PS: It's time to go Kent State on all these KKK-chickenshit masked protestors.

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