30 June 2017


I would have written this on Facebook, but for some reason, anything I write lately comes off with all kinds of weird spelling — so much so, that one Trumpette (a neuter noun, mind you)  accused me of drinking prior to posting.

So ...to avoid being slurred (which, by the way, I found quite offensive...in that case. But kids are kids), I'll do my posting from LRRP's World from now on.

Here's my proposal.


1) The President should cease and desist from using an un-monitored computer.

2) Tweets by President Trump are off limits for discussion. Tweets are for assholes. If he wants to be an asshole, that's his problem.

3) Trumpettes shall cease and desist from picking every mosquito-sized scab proffered, produced or otherwise published by media (this includes FOX, MSNBC or [God forbid] CNN, Al Jazeera, PBS). If you can't find better sources (and they exist!), then STF, because you really don't know what's happening, going on, or you're just an opinionated asshole, like the President. Unless you're getting your info from the National Enquirer. They, at least, vet the hell out of their sources, which is why they were nominated for a Pulitzer. The rest of the media gets Pulitzers for making news, not breaking it.

4) If you don't research anything you're pissed off about that emanates from the President, you can't comment on it.

SIGNED [electronically]

Gary P. Joyce

Those who want to have intelligent discourse please feel free to sign in. Those who have opinions (like assholes, we all have an opinion) stay on Facebook, please. — GPJ


Dana McGrath, K/75th. said...

Well, Ranger, the FB world needs some clarity of the sort you carry and offer.

The FB "autocorrect" (auto-reword) gets us all and I'm sure baby Zuckerburg and her wife just cackle the day away over our mangled musings.

As to taking offense at idiots who sling rubber arrows, let me lend you some Latin I use frequently on the only Man I shave:

Illegitimi non Carborundum.

gary said...

Thank you Dana ...