30 March 2006


A neat little item from the American Forces Press Service. You can read the entire story HERE.

The gist of it is that a once-unidentified sailor killed in the Pearl Harbor attack was laid to rest March 29 with full honors and a grave marker bearing his name, thanks to sleuth work by a Pearl Harbor survivor and U.S. Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command's (JPAC) expertise.

The sailor was Seaman 2nd Class Warren Paul Hickok of Kalamazoo, Michigan, who was 18-years old when he was killed during the December 7, 1941 sneak attack.

Ray Emory, a Pearl Harbor survivor and researcher who has spent the past 12 years trying to help match names to unknowns, was the sleuth who put it together. Emory is 84.

Nice story, and a nice “never leave anyone behind” tale.

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