15 May 2006


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President Bush gave a damn good speech about illegal immigration and what needs to be done about it. Aside from de-politicizing — a tall order given all the political hacks involved — being key to the solution, I agree with him that finding the median ground between mass deportation of illegals and freebie citizenship has to be found ... and not at the expense of legal immigrants or residents. I’m also damn happy the President stressed the need for linguistic assimilation.

Now let’s see what the left, the Mexican lobby, the bored gang bangers, the rest of the down-with-America types and the it’s-all-George’s-fault morons can come up with to make this sound Hitlerian, facetious, immoral and otherwise anti-human.

PS: I’ve worked with the US Border Patrol in Texas, and believe me, they’ve had a rough-ass job for a looong time. It’s about time they get some help.

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