15 May 2006


If you truly care about our service people in the war zones, here’s something you should write your Congressperson about.

It seems that a company named Ionatron (I believe out of Arizona, since it was the Arizona Daily Star that broke the story), has developed a means of remote detonating IEDs via laser pulses (describing the technology for all to understand); it's called a "Joint IED Neutralizer."

The system supposedly works, but apparently — according to the company — “The U.S. government customer concluded that the JIN counter-IED technology performed well and offers great promise, but determined that the current vehicle platform should be changed.”

In other worked, the Army didn’t like the car the weapon was riding in? I hope there’s a much better f-----g reason than that.

If you care ….write. No talk. Write.

I have ... it took about three minutes to e-mail both Senators Clinton and Schumer (for you New Yorkers. The rest of you, type in your senator's name and you'll get an e-mail address.)

Go on ...quit reading this. WRITE.

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