08 April 2009


Despite what the world may think, and despite what our President says, America isn’t about kissing anyone’s ass.

Every GI, Grunt, Swabbie, Coastie or Flyboy who has said, “I don’t think so” is America.

Ships have been pirated by rag-tag pirates working from Somalia for the past several months. A cargo ship, with some 20 American crew aboard — including some Kings Point guys — took back their ship today. The captain is still held hostage, and perhaps will end up dead.

But guess what … so will the pirates. No capture for trial BS, no Geneva Convention shit (which never applied to pirates or other terrorists), no niceties and civilized punishment.

Screw apologizing, screw liberal “oooh, be nice,” screw “we don’t waterboard.”

Kill the bastards and let God sort them out.

We need to give a hero’s welcome to the American crew of the Maersk Alabama when they come home … alive, well and successful.

If you don't agree with that, you ain't an American.

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