20 May 2009


Let's see if I get this right.

If you buy some kind of bullshit hybrid car, the government gives you $7,000 which the government has available because they've taken $7000 from me.

You get a car that — in order to make some technologically unachievable mileage rating — is no longer safe to drive unless constructed like a Formula car (which costs about $150,000 per body with out an engine). This wundercar is about the size of a Mini with the power of a moped and the cost of an Escalade.

So you can't get in any accidents anymore (and, please, feel free to look up the word "accident.") You can't afford the car. You pay $7000 to someone who can afford the car. You walk.

Well, sounds as logical as every other plan this moke has introduced.

Is anyone out there paying attention?

If you have a complaint, address it to the CEO of the auto company, Mr. Barack Husein Obama.

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