27 October 2009


Americans Against Hate (AAH), an anti-bigotry, anti-terrorism watchdog group, condemned the "reverend" Jesse Jackson for his appearance this past Saturday with the lovely folks of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Hamas-related organization.

One of CAIR's leaders, Nihad Awad, and other CAIR representatives allowed themselves to be interviewed by Islam Online (IOL), a Website which, among other things, features fatwas (religious edicts) saying that it’s a correct punishment to throw homosexuals off of tall buildings, it’s an obligation for Muslims to attack American troops overseas, and suicide bombing is not really suicide.

Nice going Jesse ... nothing like consorting with the enemy, you pompous ass.

Oh, well. Guess it's okay as long as you're a lying racist anti-American liberal.

Hmmm ... and I didn't read this anywhere in the SRM. Wonder why?

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