10 November 2009


I haven't really solidified any thought on this, but ... ah, yeah I have.

Another MFing muslim shooter takes a bunch of Americans down, and the SRM immediately starts putting out excuses why it was okay.

Gah-damn terrorist scuzball. Yeah, and fuck allah, too, you chicken shit. Just once I'd like to see these mutts exhibit balls.

So what does our dear Fearless Leader have to say to the folks at Fort Hood? "We'll give the gunman due process ..."

FUCK due process. Drag the son-of-bitch out in the sand and shoot him like the cowardly pig he is. He'll understand that.

Jeez ... with all the socialistic/communistic crappola Obama and his commie czars have been fostering on us, you'd think he'd be all for emulating the Chinese, who — if nothing else and among other things — have law and order down to a science.

"You're guilty, kneel down, here's your nine-mil in the back of the head. We'd use a firing squad, but you're not worth the money or the time to get the guys together."

Due process !?!

Jesus Christ, what an classy act (read: asshole) of a President.

Nuke Congress, Iran and the White House and let's start all over again.

UPDATE, 13 November 2009: The mutt is paralyzed permanently from the waist down — Hopefully. Awwwwwwwww

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