14 November 2009


Dear Mr. President,

Thanks for totally ignoring the fact that the scumbags formerly known as the 9-11 terrorists are now to be accorded all the rights of an American citizen.

We had them at Gitmo where they belonged and where they could have been subjected to a military tribunal, then we could have dragged their sorry islamic jihadist asses out into the sands and shot them.

But, apparently, you feel that these low lifes are deserving of the protection of our Constitution, even though they saw fit to kill 3,000 innocent American citizens, and even though you have no use for that document.

You — and your advisers, czars, backers, mentors, etc., et al — epitomize the worst in our political system.

Thank God you only have 1012 days left to defraud, disenfranchise and otherwise try to destroy a country that has reigned supreme — and set an example for the rest of the world — for nearly its entire existence.

You, sir, are a typical political hack (even worse, a typical Chicago Machine hack) who pays nothing more than lip service to what the populace wants.

Disgustedly yours,

Gary P. Joyce

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Scott said...

Don't sugar coat it, let him have it straight!