24 November 2009


From the folks at News of the Weird regarding the oft touted British Health Care system.

Don't think for a moment anything different is going to happen if the Dems get this health care bill in place.

"When social workers praised the progress 10-year-old Devon Taverner was making with her prosthetic leg (necessary because of a birth defect), bureaucrats terminated her disability payments, which instantly made her life harder. For example, the lack of a car allowance means she cannot travel without, each trip, removing and re-attaching the prosthesis. [Daily Mail, 10-11-09]

"On the other hand, Britain's High Court ruled in September that inmate Denis Roberts, 59, a murderer, was entitled to free surgery to remove a birthmark, and the National Health Service in August granted a free prescription for Viagra to recidivist sex offender Roger Martin, 71, whose latest conviction, last year, involved an 11-year-old boy. [BBC News, 9-2-09] [Daily Mail, 8-20-09]"

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