01 December 2009


Five British yachtsmen were taking into custody after they accidentally entered Iranian waters. The Iranians said they would be severely punished if they had “evil intentions.” Some more good ol’ Fifth Century linguistics from a country developing the atom bomb. Nuke the bastards for Chrissakes! What the hell are the Israelis waiting for?

The UN and most of the rest of Europe has tsk-tsked the Swiss for banning the construction of minarets. As the rest of the Euro-spending populace learns to speak Arabic — not unlike they almost had to learn to speak German a couple of times before in the last century— who the f--k cares what the increasingly irrelevant (to put it mildly) and ever-so-corrupt UN has to say? Go Switzerland!

Watched some of the New Orleans Saints vs New England Patriots on Monday Night Football. It was nice to watch a game without having any emotion invested. New England looked good, but man …those Saints are the real deal. If you blinked you missed a touchdown.

SRM Downplayed Stories file. Crowds lining up to meet-and-greet former Alaska Governor and represents-everything-a-Liberal-can’t-stand-about-America presidential candidate Sarah Palin at her book signings … the “aw, shucks, folks” coverage of the lying that has gone on regarding the scientific “facts” about global warming (that LRRP’sWorld has railed about since its beginning) … dropping the restriction against allowing people containing the AIDs virus (HIV, whatever!) from entering the US … and … That’s the Morning Wrap Up.

Happy December 1!

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