04 August 2010


The author of the Rolling Stone article that ended the military career of Gen. Stanley McChrystal, by all accounts a stand-up, if somewhat liberal, general and head of forces in Afghanistan, was denied an embed position with US troops in Afghanistan.

According to a DoD spokesman, "There is no right to embed. It is a choice made between units and individual reporters, and a key element of an embed is having trust that the individuals are going to abide by the ground rules. So in that instance the command in Afghanistan decided there wasn't the trust requisite and denied this request."

Whether — as some McChrystal aids have said — the reporter broke his word on what could and couldn't be used as material for his story — the McChrystal camp was kinda' stupid in allowing the guy access to their inner sanctum, anyway.

But, hey ... when you bite the hand that feeds ...lets see how the MSM handles this one. Full story from the AP HERE

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