23 February 2011


Once again proving you can't make this shit up and truth is stranger than ANY fiction.

And get the line, "...special emphasis on individuals who have visited Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen."

Golly gee, I wonder why?

Fucking ACLU and fucking wogs. Straight out of the terrorist playbook: use their own laws against them.

If some asshole liberal Ninth Circuit judge buys this shit — and of course one will or they wouldn't have filed this in San Fran Nan's backyard — it's time to go to the mattresses and finish this in a muslim-fifth century sorta' way.

(CNN) -- The California chapters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the ACLU say they will announce a federal class action lawsuit Wednesday against the FBI for "illegal surveillance of the Muslim community."
The council's San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento offices began documenting FBI surveillance practices last year.
"In recent months, there has been a notable increase in complaints by community members of FBI visits," the offices said in July.
It said that Muslims of varying ethnic and geographic background have reported visits by FBI agents.
"We have seen a special emphasis on individuals who have ties to, or have visited Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen," it said.
The California chapters said it was conducting the project, in conjunction with the ACLU and the Asian Law Caucus, to identify pattens of "overly intrusive conduct."

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