13 August 2014


So ... I order some football gear for my grandson, and I order it tonight, because Dick's sent me an e-mail saying $20 off an order over $100. And it ends tonight.

So, the kid needs ("needs" is relevant) a padded shirt, gloves (he sure as shit doesn't NEED receivers gloves, but what the hell), and I order a football that's the right size. No sense practicing with a ball that ain't the size of the ball they work with.

So, the order comes in over $100 ...but lo and behold, no gahdamn $20 discount.

Now, normally, I'd blow it off ... but ...

I call Dick's get a nice lady on the phone, tell her the story, she points out the small print, I guffaw-guffaw, and yell into the phone, "Ah-HAH! The fine print."

Anyway, she asks me to wait a minute, checks, comes back and knocks $15 off the order. I'm happy, Dick's happy, and I ain't exclusively buying at Sports Authority from now on.

Good customer service by Dick's, and I'm a satisfied customer.

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