13 August 2014


Having had to clean up one guy's mess after doing it with an M-14 in the mouth over the fact that his wife or girl left him, and having found myself on two occasions with — literally — my trusty 1911 Colt cocked and in my mouth, and having failed to pull the trigger on both occasions, I've come to some conclusions on suicide.

While some call it a coward's way out — and in some cases, i.e., overdoses, drug induced, etc. — it is cowardly, suicide in and of itself isn't a cowardly act. It takes balls to stick a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger, and it takes balls to toss your sorry ass off a building. Sucking some drugs, or sticking the ol' tailpipe in your nose, doesn't take balls. It is — like all suicides — egotistical

It is an egotistical act, because it is predicated on the fact that what's happening to the suicide-ee is the only thing that counts, when in fact what is happening to everyone else related to the suicide-ee is what's actually important.

But the suicide-se is too self-involved to consider that.

I always thought Robin Williams was a funny guy.

Now, he's just another sad egomaniac, and I feel sorry for his family. But not him.

But, hey. What the fuck do I know? I'm still trying to stay alive.

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