30 August 2014


My daughter Megan had a baby girl on August 29, 2014 at 0819.

Keira Angela Keating was 8 pounds, 13.096 oz.

Length 52cm  (hold on while I convert): 20.47 inches

Mother and baby doing fine.

Cousin Travis James Joyce, holding Keira at the hospital.

Keira Angela Keating, Travis James Joyce, proud dad Chris, and — not exactly ecstatic — big sister, Madeline Joyce Keating.

Madeline, Megan and Keira. We think Madeline is trying to put make up on Keira ... or  ....?????

Below: Keira, Uncle James Davis Joyce and a Cousin Travis doing his Goldmember imitation.

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Anonymous said...

Great Pics! Big healthy baby! Congrats!