24 June 2015


All newspaper polls are based on (at least with the "valid" ones) 1000 people. This is not something I made up. This is a fact. Question any media outlet about their poll. Chance are they only did 100 and extrapolated. The "good" ones did a thousand.

Polls that you read everyday are totally irrelevant, are intentionally slanted toward a preconceived position, and are — well — bullshit.

There's no control as to who is asked to participate. 

Ask 1000 whites, 1000 blacks, 1000 Croatians, 1000 Zimbabweans. Ask any-fucking-body you want as long as you get the answer you already know you'll get..  

This is why — generally speaking — polls are the biggest bunch of BS perpetrated on the American public. (The stupidity of the American public that actually believe in polls is another matter).

Now ... if you wanted to do a real poll, based on .00003 of the population, at least take a phone book (WTF is that?) from every state and pick 20 people at random. 

There are random generators on the Internet ...all you have to do is insert a number for each person in each phone book (right. We're losing the I-don't-have-a-phone-people. Fuck them, they're gonna die when the shit hits the fan anyway) and call the 20 numbers first generated. 

Then — maybe — you get an actual consensus and a semi-at-best valid poll. 

But God forbid we try that. 

Polls are complete utter bullshit fostered on the people again and again under the guise of "well, we polled the American people." 


And if you buy into ANY poll produced by the media, you're a fool. 

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