16 June 2015


It fairly obvious why Hillary goobers/libtards will deny Benghazi ever happened and vote for her.

They (libtards, goobers and Clintons) have no concept of personal loyalty, and certainly have nary an inkling of what the words "we don't leave anyone behind" mean to those of us who have fought (and died) to make sure we didn't.

To them, those words — so important to us — signify another in a long line of racist semantics they use to continue to suck money out of taxpayers to keep their all important brain-dead, non-tax-paying voting base dependent on them. And keep them sucking off the country teat.

Vote for Clinton, because, when you do, you prove the obvious: you're as corrupt as she is.

All — and I mean all — in which you Clinton supporters believe, is financed by people who don't believe in a single thing you espouse.

And you're too stupid to notice.

Ah, well. You'll find out ....too late.

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