13 November 2015


Let’s look at this somewhat logically. I have no problem believing that every person who is a practitioner of islam isn’t a terrorist. It’s like everything else in the world. There are good people and bad people. Fine ....

I do, however, have a terrible time in believing that ANYONE can take a tract written and re-written a zillion times as fact. Whether that be a Bible or the koran.

Now, I choose to live by what — ostensibly — the Bible teaches, i.e., the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

If you read the Bible (and I don’t) you will find a thousand things that subvert the golden rule.

But that ain’t what the Bible (i.e., Chirstianity) is about in my mind. And that sure as shit ain’t what the golden rule is about.

There are thousands of religion based on all kinds of superstitious horseshit, but there is only one that has made it to the 21st century, in which by-and-large, illiterate, sheep-fucking, baby-raping, child-molesting, throat-cutting, woman-beating, gay-tossing, hide-behind-skirts-bombing, fifth century aberrations use as a basis to justify actions that would make Satan (Ahriman, Mara, Shaitan, Iblis, Nidhogg, call him what you will) blush.

And that’s islam.

A lot of people who practice islam, are people we run into everyday. However, if they truly believe in their religion, that means that they’re lying when they say they don’t approve of what the “few” do in the name of their religion. It’s like a bunch of Catholics not taking child-molesting priests to task (Well, “it went on for so long.” Fuck you. They’re mostly all getting their asses reamed in prison. You see any baby-raping rabbis, or ministers getting their asses locked up and featured on 60 Minutes? No, you don’t. We — yes, I’m RC — may have taken a while, but it’s getting dealt with. What? Your ministers and rabbis are pure? Kiss my ass. You’re a fool.)

We have a Constitution that mandates freedom of religion (why should this be more important that freedom of arming oneself? A question for another time).

I have a solution for the “muslim problem” (which, when phrased that way, sounds waaay too close to the “Jewish problem,” circa Nazi Germany, but tough shit. I’ll stand for a future version of the Nuremburg Trials if I’m wrong).

I’ll burn my Bible. YOU — motherfucker—  burn your koran (spell checker automatically makes the “k” a capital. Fuck that.) Where was I? Oh…

I’ll burn my Bible. But first, you burn that fucking koran, and deny anything written in it which doesn’t conform to the Golden Rule.

If you won’t? Get the fuck out of my country.

Pretty simple.

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Anonymous said...

Dead bang ON - as usual.