12 November 2015


Amazing ...while the current administration is effectively chopping our military into irrelevance the Russians are busy trying to start the Cold War again. Once little slip at a speech made by Valerie Putin, however is noted in a report out of The Jamestown Foundation's Eurasia Daily Monitor (http://www.jamestown.org/programs/edm/):

"The leaked chart on the video contained data about the “Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6”—a massive torpedo-form underwater nuclear-powered unmanned drone, apparently developed by the St. Petersburg Rubin TsKP or Central Design Bureau, which designs most Russian nuclear submarines. The Status-6 unmanned underwater vehicle is designed to be attached to the outside hull and launched by a modified Oscar-2 type nuclear submarine and possibly other vessels. Due to it being nuclear powered, the Status-6 underwater guided drone can travel at a speed of up to 85 kilometers per hour (some 56 knots) and go as deep as 1 kilometer. It has a range of up to 10,000 kilometers. The Status-6 drone development was first reported by The Washington Free Beacon last September. In the Pentagon, the project is apparently known as Kanyon. The displayed chart describes Status-6 as a weapon designed to “destroy important economic coastal regions of the enemy and cause long-lasting massive radioactive contamination.” The speed and depth of the drone helps it penetrate US antisubmarine defenses and detonate close to the US’s Atlantic or Pacific coasts. Reportedly, the Status-6 drone can carry a 100-megaton superbomb: Detonating such a massive device underwater close to the coast could cause a gigantic, highly radioactive tsunami, destroying and contaminating large stretches of densely populated US territory, like New York, Los Angeles, Boston and so on, rendering these littoral areas uninhabitable for centuries or millennia. The Status-6 is planned for deployment by 2020 (The Washington Free Beacon, November 11; Aif.ru, November 12)."

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