01 June 2009


I really have no interest in this subject, but since I wrote about it and, since some moron decided to shoot another doctor — while he was at church! — I guess I have to address it.

The guy who shot the doc is an asshole. Pussy.Like anyone who shoots someone who isn't shooting at them.

[Except snipers. Snipers are in a moral class above and beyond anything anyone of us will ever know. Even bad guy snipers. All of them run the risk of being hunted down and killed bad. Hell, I wasn't a sniper and most of the guys I shot, I shot in the back (I'm proud to say). This guy was an assassin. Can everybody say "Squeaky."]

But I digress ...

And, he's going to have a large one (asshole, that is) when he gets out of prison.

What the f else can you say about people who settle what should be a rational discussion with guns?

Needles to say. once again, it was a male, not a female, who did it.

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