01 June 2009


Meeting House Creek off of Peconic Bay, Long Island, NY.

They're menhaden (called "bunker" locally). Bluefish (basically schoolies. About two foot long and ravenous) chase the bunker into the bay. The bunker school, suck all the oxygen out of the water and die.

Traditionally, they were used as fertilizer as far back as the late 1700s. This creek has a dog leg at the bottom, so the tidal flushing action isn't real strong. A heavy south wind and thus the picture.

The marina later boomed them in (about twic as many as seen here), was fined by the state government, then was told "never mind" and the local government (Riverhead Town) picked them up and gave them to a farmer. He plowed them and REALLY ticked off those who'd built their McMansions around farm fields.

Anyway ... problem all gone now!

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