28 November 2009


Where the heroes get screwed and the scum of the earth get their rights in an American court.

Some SEALs smacked a terrorist around. Awwww. They were given an opportunity to have a "non judicial" court martial (i.e., they get slapped on the wrist and won't ever get a Good Conduct Medal ... I know about the Army's version of this).

I should clarify the above for you non-military folk. If you take the slap on the wrist you can't get a GCM. I had three — called Article 15s in the Army — for a variety of things I did and chose not to take the court martial route because I did what I was accused of. These guys didn't do anything wrong. They bitch slapped the guy who masterminded (who directed ... doesn't take a fucking mastermind, just a typical medieval islamic MFer) the burning, dragging through the streets and hanging from a bridge of some civilian contractors. The SEALs chose an honorable solution. Don't like what I did? Bring me to court. The fact that the Navy is being sooooo PC as to take them to court — a court martial — in which they don't have the rights the terrorists who did the WTC massacre have, speaks volumes about this administration.

They said, hell, no we didn't do anything wrong. We were catching a terrorist.

The result? A court martial.

Welcome to the New America.

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