12 June 2015


My wife likes watching OITNB on the iPad ... since the new season just started, she sat down to watch, and — lo and behold — no sound from the iPad. And the earphone jack — a 3.5mm — wouldn't lock in.

Then it dawned on me. A while back, my grandson told me his Skull (or whatever) earphones had broken the jack. I'd promised to solder on a new jack and promptly forgot about it, because he uses my old SONY headset and seems more than happy with that ... and he wasn't up my ass about fixing the cooler model.

Long story, short. The jack of his earphones had broken off its tip (the last segment of the jack) in the jack slot on the iPad. What to do?

I have a bunch of computer screwdrivers and whatnot, and a bunch of dental tools. This either makes me a electrician or a psycho torturer ... I'm neither. Regardless.

I messed around a bit, could get the jack end (that was in the iPad) to move, but couldn't get it out. Fortunately we hadn't tossed the Skull headset. I took the jack (which I hadn't replaced, again, thankfully), and kinda wiggled it down and screwed it in a bit forcefully.

The tip connected with the jack and out it came.

Of course, now I really have to re-solder a tip on the Skull headset, but ...I didn't screw the pooch on the iPad and I didn't have to pay to have the thing extracted.

Try it ... it worked.

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