14 June 2015


Hillary Clinton will bury this country.

Her husband was — at best — a decent president (not speaking morally. He was an alley cat as a man, but then what else is to be expected from Democrats elected to the office. Go the fuck ahead ..name a Republican prez who was a leg-humping hounddog).

Hillary Clinton is a mysoginist (look it up ladies). She's a liar and is directly responsible for the rape and torture of an American ambassador, as well as the death of people SHE appointed as bodyguards. A fucking piece of shit if ever there was one.

What difference does it make (as she said).

Look who's supporting her. 

Every race monger in the country ... every muslim dirtbag (Islam: a political movement making believe it's a religion) around, because they (like every foreign gov that donated $$ to her and her husband) are the REAL enemies. 

But go ahead and elect a "woman" prez. 

What a fucking joke. 

If any of the women voters who think she's viable would explain away why their husbands fucked everything in a skirt, then ...

You deserve what you voted for.

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